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What's New at The Minnesota Ice Festival for 2025?

Exciting changes and additions are on the horizon for the upcoming ice festival! Discover the upcoming highlights and activations below.

  • The World's Largest Ice Maze

    Get ready for a record-breaking season! Our ice maze is now more than double the size of last year's and approximately 50% larger than the current world record holder. Join us in our quest to officially verify this season's maze as the largest on record.

  • New Ticket Prices + No Time Slots!

    Celebrate the season with reduced ticket prices. Plus, no need to worry about time restrictions; you now have access to all the festival activities for the entire day of your ticket date. See ya later ticket time slots!

  • Ice Slide

    Get ready to slip and slide down our multi-lane ice slide. Sure to be a festival favorite this season.

  • Skating Rink and Skate Rental

    Lace up those ice skates! A rink near the ice maze awaits. No skates? No worries! Skate rentals are on hand so that everyone can experience the joy of skating. Yay!

  • Food Trucks

    Arrive with an appetite at the ice festival this season! Our lineup of food trucks is ready to serve up deliciousness.

  • Ice Bars

    Not one but two ice bars will cozy up next to the Warming House. Enjoy specialty cocktails as you watch the night lights twinkle at the festival.

  • Warming House

    The Warming House will join us at The Minnesota Ice Festival this season. Catch a break from the winter chill inside the Warming House while enjoying a beverage (spirited or not) and a bite to eat.

  • The Minnesota Ice Sculptures Ice Carving Competition

    The first annual Minnesota Ice Sculptures Carving Competition is coming to the ice festival and it's going to be a multi-day extravaganza! Keep your eyes open for competition dates and details.